The Gentle Dentist

The Gentle Dentist

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Dr. Sood believes that having a beautiful smile with strong, healthy teeth and gums are the key to providing happiness and the best in overall health and wellbeing to each patient. From children to adults, Dr. Sood treats patients of all ages at his practice. We are focused on ensuring that your family has beautiful, healthy smiles for life!

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Pediatric Dentistry

The American Dental Association's guidelines for a child's first dentist appointment is to visit a pediatric dentist once their first tooth erupts in the child's mouth, which is typically around six months to a year, depending on the child. This is typically the best time to introduce the child to a dental office and the environment to get them comfortable and familiar with the dentist's chair. But when it comes to your child's first dentist appointment, it is more about educating the parents regarding proper home care and procedures, of instilling good dental habits to their son or daughter throughout their childhood. At Dr. Sood's office, we ensure that our parents leave with a wealth of information and education regarding proper hygiene and feeding habits to instill great dental care from the start.

Many parents find it easier to bring in their youngest child when they are bringing an older child to the dentist for a check-up, so that the child can see the dentist and become familiar with them. However, it is essential that you do what you feel is best to acclimate your younger child to the dentist's office. In the office of Dr. Sood, we also utilize a number of child-friendly distractions for your children to keep them from getting nervous or apprehensive during their check-ups by utilizing cartoons, stickers, and other techniques to make them feel comfortable.

During a child's first visit, it is centered on being a friendly, get-to-know-you atmosphere. Treatment is not done on a new child patient, but this time is used to talk to the parents and answer any questions or concerns they may have about their child's new baby teeth, and education is completed to show the parent the proper way of caring for their child's teeth, so they can instill the importance of dental hygiene in their children.