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The Gentle Dentist

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Dr. Sood believes that having a beautiful smile with strong, healthy teeth and gums are the key to providing happiness and the best in overall health and wellbeing to each patient. From children to adults, Dr. Sood treats patients of all ages at his practice. We are focused on ensuring that your family has beautiful, healthy smiles for life!

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Six-Month Smiles

When individuals are not happy with their smile, there are a few different options available to them if they want to consider cosmetic dentistry. One common consideration for a number of Dr. Sood's patients is the option of Six Month Smiles versus traditional orthodontics.

Six Month Smiles is a non-invasive treatment to improve an individual's visible smile. Unlike orthodontists, who change the patient's bite in it's entirety, Six Month Smiles is used to improve minor crookedness of a patient's teeth or spaces in-between which may make the individual uneasy or self-conscious about their smile. It is also a positive alternative to veneers, which is a more expensive option in which your teeth must be ground down and polished in order to place the veneers over the teeth.

There are a couple of reasons why individuals prefer Six Month Smiles over traditional orthodontic braces. Firstly, it is the time involved. Most patients do not like the fact that it would take two or three years to improve their smile and correct their crooked teeth, which is what most orthodontists would put an adult or teenaged patient through. Second is the stigma behind wearing unattractive metal braces. Six Month Smiles uses clear, almost invisible, braces to slowly move teeth into place. Third, Six Month Smiles is considerably less expensive than orthodontics or Invisalign, making it the more preferred option for individuals on a budget. Six Month Smiles can run anywhere between $3,500 to $5,000 tops, while Invisalign and traditional metal orthodontics can top $7,000 or more and take considerably longer than Six Month Smiles.

Anybody over the age of 18 is a candidate for Six Month Smiles. If you are considering having your teeth straightened or realigned, call Dr. Sood today to schedule a consultation to see what Six Month Smiles could do for your teeth! It may be the perfect alternative to long-term orthodontics and expensive braces.

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